Cyrus PortraitShenidan Music is the commercial composition project of London-based music producer Cyrus Shahrad. Cyrus’ work has featured widely in film and television: his tracks have been used on documentaries from BBC One’s Panorama to Channel 4’s Dispatches, and on trailers for Rolls Royce and the Guardian, among others. He has written soundtracks for films including the award-winning short Skateistan, and is a regular contributor to high-end music libraries including EMI’s production library and Focus Music.

Cyrus is best known for a series of records released under the name Hiatus, the sound of which fuses cinematic and modern electronic forms, combining an intuitive ear for string and piano arrangements with a diverse range of influences from rave to classical music, from ambient field recordings to the melancholic harmonies of Iran. He is currently working on a third album.

Cyrus works out of a studio in London’s Soho. You can contact him here.