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Precious Little – Gaza Appeal Update

Precious Little, a track released to raise money for Medical Aid For Palestinians (MAP), has made £1,867.41, and the amount continues to rise. You can download the track here if you haven’t already, and you can find out more about MAP’s work during the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Gaza here. Thank you to all who have contributed so far.

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Precious Little – Gaza Relief Appeal

I’ve released a track to raise money for Medical Aid For Palestinians (MAP), an organisation currently engaged in a humanitarian effort to help innocent people caught in a terrible crossfire. The track costs £1, but please give more if you can, and please share the link around. Artwork for the track has been provided by my friend Spencer Murphy, who donated an image from his recent series of bird portraits, Traces.

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Dear Guardians: Burning Man Short

Several of my tracks have featured in a short film about the Guardians Temple at Burning Man festival, including a new track called Becoming, which was commissioned for the film’s opening sequence.

The clip above also features Final Dream, a track I wrote for the James Grant/EMI library album Emotive Piano. You can listen to more of my library music here, and you can see the whole film here.

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New Library Album: Cinematic Beats

I’ve written an album of electronica for production library Bibliotheque. You can preview and license music from the album here, or by clicking on the image below. A track from the project recently featured on this video by aerospace company North Atlantic Skies.

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North Atlantic Skies Promo

Aerospace company North Atlantic Skies used my track Nebula for this lovely visualisation of their air traffic work.

Nebula is a track from the Bibliotheque library album Cinematic Beats – you can listen to more of my library music here.

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New Track: Delam (feat Dad)

A while ago I persuaded my Dad to swing by the studio and sit in the booth reciting Persian poetry from memory. I put this track together after he left.

This is a rough demo that I may rework for the new Hiatus album, but I feel it captures something of the void between failing memory and the unfaltering attachment of Iranians to their homeland, and I wanted to share it. It’s also my Dad’s birthday, which I thought merited a spike in my ongoing campaign to make him famous.

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Classic FM Promo

My track Feathering has been used on the promo for Classic FM’s More Music Breakfast show.

Feathering is a track from the James Grant/EMI library album Emotive Piano – you can listen to more of my library music here.

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Eldorado Promo

My track Parklands was used in the promo for Mongrel Thumb’s production of Eldorado at London’s Arcola Theatre.

Parklands features on the Hiatus album of the same name.

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Fruit Of The Loom: Seek No Further Promo

Music and sound design for online Fruit Of The Loom promo, a welcome reunion with We Can Be Ghosts Now video director Tom Jobbins.


The Crossing

New Hiatus EP: The Crossing

New Hiatus EP – five tracks of minimal piano and string stuff given away as a free download on SoundCloud and Bandcamp. Loosely based on a short story I wrote for the Quietus, which you can read here.